Kelsea & Aaron's Wedding | Lubbock Wedding Photographer

I will be starting to blog all my Weddings, Engagements, Bridals and more almost every day! I had to hold on blogging because of submissions to blogs. I hope you enjoy all the photos!

Kelsea & Aaron's Wedding was perfect! It was gorgeous and every little detail was beautiful! Their Wedding took place at their grandparent's estate and I loved everything about it. They had a beautiful willow tree and that is one of my favorite things to take pictures by. Everything was so unique and that is why this Wedding was so beautiful. Instead of a bouquet, Kelsea wore a flower ribbon around her arm and also a flower crown. Another thing that was so amazing was everyone in her family and his family made a pie for their pie bar. It turned out so wonderful. This outdoor ceremony was one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy looking through these pictures!