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Hi! It has been awhile since I have blogged and I am going to catch up now! I have  been so busy with Weddings and Sessions and so I have a lot of pictures to show! Also check out my instagram: @heathersandersonphotography and my Facebook page: because I am always showing my recent pictures. Here are a few sneak peeks of what I am working on...

Kelsea & Aaron's Wedding | Lubbock Wedding Photographer

I will be starting to blog all my Weddings, Engagements, Bridals and more almost every day! I had to hold on blogging because of submissions to blogs. I hope you enjoy all the photos!

Kelsea & Aaron's Wedding was perfect! It was gorgeous and every little detail was beautiful! Their Wedding took place at their grandparent's estate and I loved everything about it. They had a beautiful willow tree and that is one of my favorite things to take pictures by. Everything was so unique and that is why this Wedding was so beautiful. Instead of a bouquet, Kelsea wore a flower ribbon around her arm and also a flower crown. Another thing that was so amazing was everyone in her family and his family made a pie for their pie bar. It turned out so wonderful. This outdoor ceremony was one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy looking through these pictures!

Happy New Year | Lubbock Wedding Photographer

Happy New Year! I will be blogging my favorite pictures from 2015 all this week! I haven't been able to blog because I had to wait until my pictures were published with different Wedding blogs. I am so excited to show you all the Weddings, engagement sessions and more! 

To all my clients: Thank you for letting photograph your special moments and I consider all of you friends and I am so blessed to have met each and every one of you! 

I also wanted to announce that I will be giving back this year and will be doing a 2016 Wedding Giveaway! To submit please email me at and describe in detail all about your Wedding and where it will be. Then let me know why you would like to win this giveaway and please attach a few pictures. The Wedding can be anywhere in the world! So start sending them to me!!! 


Heather Sanderson

I will be blogging almost everyday so be ready for new pictures coming soon! Here is a sneak peek of what is to come!